How Corona can Kill you if You Have Kidney-Liver Problem : Be alert

Corona Virus: Kovid has wreaked havoc not only in the country but across the world. Corona cases have been reported in every house. Due to Kovid, people were forced to be imprisoned in their homes. The central government launched a vaccination campaign for the fight against Kovid.

Elderly’s life is also in danger : Majority of the population in the country is elderly. Doctors say that in old age, diseases like heart, diabetes, hypertension take their grip. The condition that occurs in other diseases is called comorbidity. Such people are in more danger than others. Such people are also more likely to die from Kovid.


  1. Get vaccinated for protection, follow the protocol : Doctors say that it is very important to get vaccinated to protect against Kovid. Vaccination reduces the chance of death by 50 percent. If someone has not been vaccinated, he should get it done immediately. What is the necessary protocol for Kovid. By following it, one can avoid getting caught by the corona virus.


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How Corona can Kill you if You Have Kidney-Liver Problem : Be alert

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